stew, wreaths, crooning and 2013!‏

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Thanks to everyone who made it along to yesterdays gander and festive get-together ..twas a really lovely afternoon.  The Lychgate room at Kenywn Church – such a cosy venue for our festive gathering – we filled with wonderful mix of stew, winter tart, home-baked breads, stolen and Christmas scones – thank goodness we’d done the walking before, only just made it the few metres over to Kenywn Church for carols afters.  Along with the munching, we crafted festive wreaths out of a gorgeous mix of greenery collect on our gander.

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This was the last green walk of 2012 – and what a year its been ..we’ve explored spring, summer and autumn wild foods, learnt about local wildlife and Truro leats system, got digging and planted bulbs at Boscowen, picked litter for Clean Cornwall week, enjoyed a relaxation walk with Stella Azurra and ooh-ed and ahh-ed at spring flowers at Calenick ..the list goes on 🙂   Also it’s just dawned on me that we’ve finished a year of green walks the same place we started – at Kenywn church!  A few of you may remember back the very first back in Jan, where we met with John – the church warden at Kenywn who spoke with us about the Living Churchyard project they’re involved in.  All of the above would not happen without you all coming along for a natter and gander ..thanks for sharing your stories, your chat – it’s been such a treat to get to know you over the year.  Also am very lucky to have a really fantastic team of volunteer walk leaders – Jeremy (and Penny), Martin, and Birgit …you really are the bee knees – thanks for all your time and sorry about the many muddy boots and damp socks 😛
Really excited about next year and what all the gandering adventures possible ..already had many suggestions coming in for things you’d like to see and do in 2013 – if you’ve got any do send ’em in!
The next green walk will take place on Sunday January 20th, with the test walk for this on Jan 6th if you’d like to come along and reccie a route.  After the leats walk in the summer went down rather well I thought we could venture out and explore some more local history ..what dya say??  Have a chew over ideas over your Christmas feasting!
Right quite enough from me – have me last dose of Breton dancing of the year tonight – got to go and get me dancing shoes on!
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and hope to see you for a gentle New Years gander on Jan 6th 🙂