The February Green Walk


We have sun!!..well a sprinkling at least.  How good it feels to close the eyes and feel those warm rays on ones face ..I turn into some sort of manic lizard in this weather – tearing out the door to bask whenever a crack in the cloud appears!  A couple of weekends ago in the depths of Cornwalls attempt at Winter, my boyfriend and I were looking for something to bring a bit of sunshine to the grey.  We stumbled on Gorse wine – as you do!  On a trip back from Constantine we filled a basket-ful of the bright yellow flowers needed.  All sounds very romantic until you realise it involved two hours being battered by Cornish mizzle (Cornish rain for those unfamiliar with the term) while being attacked by the retched spikes.  Anyway so bit of boiling and much bubbling later, we now have a demijohn of glorious golden wine sat brewing on our kitchen windowsill – which to bleary morning eyes doesn’t look too dissimilar to some soft sun streaming through the window.  I just hope after all – this stuff’s going to be drinkable – will keep you posted 🙂  Onto this Sundays get-together..
The February Green Walk.  This February, discover what wonderful wildlife calls Truro home too! Led by two local wildlife experts, Phil Harris from the Cornwall Butterfly Society and Jacqueline Merrick from Cornwall Mammal Group, this month is your chance to learn a bit about what diverse and fascinating wildlife we share our city with and show there’s always lots to see – even in February!

All welcome. Walk FREE (of course)! Bring binoculars, ID books and wrap up warm! Start and finishing as ever from Truro Cathedral 2-4pm.  RSVP via the event page on facebook:


Watching dippers skim along the River Kenwyn on last years wildlife walk


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