July Ganders

Hi all,

What a treat we had last month from Kneehigh – massive thanks again to Anna Marie Murphy for organising such a wonderful afternoon and to all the contributors who shared stories and poems (in 3 different languages!), complete with a cart supplying love potions (optional).  If you missed the walk, have a peek at the piccies below from this love-themed amble.
This month a few changes (to keep you on your toes, as ever!)
Martins Reccie Walk will take place next Sunday 14th July NOT TODAY 7th July (the usual first Sunday of the month slot).   Why the change?  Two words: Wimbledon final.  (Martin’s a bit of a fan and figured he’d not be the only one wanting to watch). The walk next Sunday will take place from 2pm as ever meeting outside Truro Cathedral.  Join Martin for a proper explore off the beaten track and be part of creating a route for our main get-togethers on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
The July Green Walk Sunday 21st July.  After a few action-packed months of love stories, wild foods and foraging and map-making we thought a pure and simple stomp and chin-wag might be in order.  Martins suggested we venture over to explore the swish new Coosebean Cycle trail that’s just been opened linking Treliske to Truro.  If you haven’t seen it or don’t know what on earth I’m talking about do come along and find out, it’s a lovely new car-free trail to enjoy.
Finally in other news… This time next week, Truro will behold a sight never seen in the city before (and probably never again)….  A running Kloe!  Well running might be a slightly misleading term in this case, more likely a Kloe more at some stumbling speed.  I have gone and done something I said I never would – enter a race, in this case, Cancer Research’s ‘Race for Life’.  I’ve decided to play to my strengths and run in the only style I’ve ever known, that is, with egg and spoon in hand.  It has however been some years since my last primary school day sports day so things may have changed :S For more on my egg’n’sppon attempt, check out my page: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/kloewoodlyndorff 
..and for a giggle, position yourself somewhere along the race route next Sunday 😛  Any/all support much needed and much much appreciated. 🙂
See you for some sort of gandering or stumbling at some point,
Best wishes,
Head Co-ordinator
Truro Green Walks