September Green Walk this weekend! History walk, not to be missed!‏

Hi all,

Eeek, sorry another late one this month ..I feel like I blink and suddenly another few weeks have gone by.  What a month though, so much to harvest, from whopping monster marrows down the allotment to brambles straining with berries and apples galore.  Our kitchens been full of bubbling pots of fruits each evening, trying to preserve just some of this summers glut for those leaner Winter months.  Some of my preservation projects I’ve been a bit skeptical about – namely my pickled monster gherkins, can 3 months sat steeping in some vinegar really make these gnarled tough green sausages look any more appealing or am I just putting off the inevitable trip to the compost bin!?  Would love to hear your stories/experiences of dealing with any of your own harvests, big or small.  Feel free to post on the facebook page: or email me.
The September Green Walk Sunday 15th September.  
This month, history expert Christine Parnell from the Old Cornwall society will be treating us to a tour around Truros historical city centre, looking back at the city through the ages to discover the Truro of yester-year. 

“We will be taking a look at the old Assembly Rooms and hearing about the unusual way the building was funded, discovering old bridges that cross Truros many Rivers, visiting grand old houses and their past owners…and more..” – Christine.

As ever we’ll be meeting outside Truro Cathedral at 2pm, finishing back at the same place at 4pm.  We won’t be doing so much stomping this time, more stopping and listening so do bring extra layers to keep warm and cosy if needs be.

 Hope to see you Sunday! 🙂