The November Green Walk – this Sunday 17th!

Hope this finds you warm and cosy …there’s a bbrrrr to be felt in the air out there, but how gloriously fresh it is ..and colourful!  I almost think this is THE time of year for gandering, the things I enjoy the most..crunchy golden leaves and squelchy earth, ooh and the hedgerows brimming with berries and nuts.  Tis a feast for the senses..and belly!  Can’t wait to head out to enjoy it with you some more on this months green walks this Sunday!

The November Green Walk, Sunday 17th.  This month we will be celebrating the colours, smells and sights of Autumn with a gander along the outer fringes of the city to Calenick quay.  If you haven’t explored this area of Truro before, this is a great opportunity to do so.  Goodness knows what the heavens will be doing between now and Sunday but considering it is November some quality Cornish mud can be almost guaranteed.  Wellies/walking boots highly recommended to maintain happy feet.  Hope to see you usual time and place, 2pm @Truro Cathedral, back for 4pm.
Festive green walk and gathering?  This Sunday I’ll be putting the feelers out for any ideas/requests/suggestions for what you’d like to do for this years festive walk on December 15th.  Last year we shared a wonderful festive feast over in Kenywn and made our own Christmas wreaths (or at least attempted to!) our of greenery we’d collected on the walk just before.  If you have an idea/request or two but aren’t able to make it this Sunday, do feel free to email me instead.
In other news..New community event launching next Tuesday!  An event I’m helping to organise with Transition Truro that you might like(involves lots of good food!).  Check out the poster below for more..
That’s it for now,  hope to see you soon! 🙂
Head Coordinator
Truro Green Walks

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