Green Walks is all about building community resilience through reconnecting people and places.  Through leisurely monthly strolls people of all ages and backgrounds come together to enjoy a natter and a stroll.  Taking talking walking enables us to explore and get involved with local green spaces, places people and projects.

3 ways we walk the talk..

1. Social

Walks bring people together that might not normally get a chance to, to share new ideas, perspectives and empower each other with experiences, local info and solutions.
2. Info

Occasionally guest ‘experts’ will lead more informative walks giving people a chance to  learn about a whole range of green themed topics from biodiversity, local green energy, growing-your-own to what wild foods can be found in the meadows and fields around the city.

3. Action
The project aims to link up with and support green themed initiatives, charities, organisations and business around Truro.  This gives people a chance to try out and ‘dabble’ in a range of local projects without the commitment of having to join up as a member or long-standing volunteer.  For instance, people might get the opportunity to get involved in a tree planting project for a couple of hours or learn how to make a recycled bag for an afternoon.


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