Coosebean Greenery and the August Green Walk

Morning all,

Last month, we ventured north of the city to try out the newly built Coosebean Greenway.  
ImageThis is a fantastic new trail built specifically for cyclists and walkers that snakes it way through a gorgeous area of greenery behind Malabar estate.  We met with Ian Banks, Community Development Manager for Truro City Council and local resident who’s interested in one particular area of land which is threatened with development.  He’s keen to capture people’s feelings about the land and how you would like to see it managed/used in the future.  He’d also like to capture any ‘stories’ from the past such as colloquial names and routes people have used/use in the hope of mapping the area for continued community use.  For more details and to share your thoughts and ideas, you can get in touch with Ian at:
NO Reccie walk with Martin today as he is away.  The intrepid explorer himself will be back with his first Sunday of the month walks from next month, September onwards again.
The August Green Walk Sunday 18th.  This month we’ll be exploring the beautiful gardens of Boscowen Park with a guided tour from Head Gardner Liam Shoesmith, who’ll be giving us an insight into it’s surprising past, blooming present and plans for the future.  Due to my terrible time-keeping, it was suggested last month that from now on we meet at 1:45pm instead at the Cathedral to get all the adminey stuff out of the way so that we can get gandering by 2pm.  This is particularly relevant for those of you who haven’t completed your Outdoor Health Questionnaire or Health Card before.
Rightio, that’s it for now.  Hope to see you in a couple of weeks!
All the best,
Head Co-ordinator
Truro Green Walks